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Kevin + Stephanie = Married // Kansas City Wedding Videographer

This is the type of wedding that I tried so hard to hold the tears back during the ceremony. This is the type of couple that is an inspiration to so many people!!

Stephanie and Kevin were in a horrific car accident 5 months ago (shortly after they hired us) by a car that was going 75 mph. Stephanie had to be life flighted to a separate hospital from Kevin, and had to have a chest tube put in, had a fractured T5 vertebrae, as well as surgery on her right carotid. Kevin suffered from a broken nose and abrasions to his face and had to have 140 stitches.For them to be alive and walking and getting married 4 1/2 month after the car accident is such a miracle!

Oh, and Steph is a food coach, so you should check out her awesome website!

We want to thank Kevin and Stephanie for having us there to capture their beautiful day! They are both an amazing couple and we are so grateful for them!


“You Are For Me” sung at their ceremony by Lindsey Pryor and Rustin Smith

Music Licensed by Joshua Radin “I’d Rather Be With You”

Music Licensed by Amy Stroup “Just Take A Little”


Ceremony Location:

Reception Location:

Photographer: Charlie Ramseyer with Charlotte Photography

Hair: Alquemie Salon

Makeup: Kristen George

Flowers: Kasey Benedict with The Budding Entrepreneur

DJ: Danny Haas with Premier Midwest DJ

Catering: Deco Catering

Wedding Planner: Melissa West

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