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Free NICU Baby/Family Video’s

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Every day there is a baby born too early….and from the very moment that baby enters this world, he or she is a fighter and a precious gift to his or her parents. I have had a longing to do something for these families and tiny babies…..something that would capture the moment and create a keepsake that would be a cherished gift for families for years to come. I feel that by offering our videography services to these families, and creating a memorable baby video for them, it will help them hold onto hope and love. There is a quote that says, “If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Then Is a Video Worth a Million.” For the family to be able to look back and watch their video and see their little baby moving, and making tiny little noises, and to relive the bonding and love that is felt….it adds an emotional element that is absolutely priceless.

There are a few rules to qualify for a free baby video:

1. Your baby must have been born before 35 weeks gestation.

2. They must have an expected stay of at least 3 weeks.

3. The sooner you can contact us to set up your video session, the better. Because of our busy schedule, we cannot promise last minute requests if the baby is being discharged soon. We are also only able to book 4 NICU sessions a month. Each session will be 30-60 mins long, and will include a 1 song edit which will be available as an HD digital download. You will also receive a link to your video which will be posted online so that you can share it with family and friends.

4. A video release form must be signed, allowing me to video tape your family, and allowing me to post the video online.

Caution is taken when arriving at the hospital. I will not touch or handle the baby in any way, and will ask you or the nurse to move the baby. I will also request that we reschedule if I feel that I am sick, as a way to protect you and the baby

We would love to offer this to families at no charge as long as the funds to do so are available. For every video we create, we need to license a song for it, which is $49. We have set up a fundraiser to help with the song licensing fee. You can check that out here….

Our goal is to reach $2400, which will provide 48 families with a video of their tiny miracle, free of charge. 100% of the donations will go towards licensing the songs for the NICU baby video’s.

If you have a second, please share with your family and friends, and tell them about our fundraiser! If the funds are not available, the session will be $49 to cover the licensing fee.

We have had the privilege of doing a few hospital video’s for babies who were not admitted to the NICU. Check them out to get a sense of what these video’s will look like. Be sure to check back there often as we start adding NICU video’s to our video library! You can view those here…

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all!! Thank you again!

-Eran and Aubs

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